About MyNIL

Introducing MyNIL

  • MyNIL is an online portal that serves as a meeting point for both student athletes and businesses seeking to connect and easily execute on NIL marketing opportunities
  • MyNIL was founded in February 2022 by a group of long time marketing and technology executives in Southern California who have strong personal ties to youth, high school and collegiate sports.
  • MyNIL’s focus is to facilitate relationships between student athletes and businesses at a local level
  • MyNIL will initially focus on social media marketing and personal appearance opportunities with easy to execute contracts for business and compliance reporting for student athletes
  • MyNIL plans to launch in its first market (SoCal) in Fall of 2022

How does MyNIL work?

  • Student athletes and businesses register in the MyNIL portal and create their profiles
  • Businesses can search for student athletes based on a number of criteria including hometown, sport, university, number of followers on social media, etc.
  • Students athletes can search and favorite individual businesses or types of businesses based on their personal interests
  • Communication between the student athletes and businesses can occur directly through the MyNIL portal without sharing any personal contact information
  • Contracts for services done with MyNIL’s standardardized, self-service contracts
  • Student athletes have a paper trail of transactions required for NCAA and University compliance reporting

How does MyNIL benefit your business?

  • Significantly reduce digital marketing costs by outsourcing social media marketing to highly motivated student athletes with potentially large followings on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok
  • Ability to reach new customers in local markets using student athlete recognition and reach e.g. ‘hometown hero’ status
  • Extreme flexibility in content and the ability to leverage the creativity, motivation, and work ethic that is core to student athletes
  • Support student athletes with a source of income to cover expenses not covered by grants and scholarships
  • Business registration on MyNIL will always be free. Only pay for contracted engagements with MyNIL registered student athletes

How does MyNIL benefit the Student Athlete?

  • MyNIL is the most convenient and expedient way for student athletes to discover potential NIL opportunities in a fast growing market
  • Develop your individual MyNIL profile and preferences. Choose the types of businesses and brands you feel good about working with and want to support
  • Opportunities to build your personal brand and social media presence and profit from it.
  • Stream of income for expenses not covered by scholarship and other traditional sources
  • All applicable contracts are handled through the MyNIL portal and can be used for NCAA and University reporting on your business activities

How do I get started with MyNIL?

  • For businesses:
    • Click here to fill out a brief registration form
    • No charge for businesses to be registered on MyNIL
    • Email and text updates will be sent as the platform launches and new student athletes enter the portal and show interest in your business



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